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Yes! I'm proud of what I did with jeffjadulco.com. From designing in Figma to developing with Gatsby + Tailwind CSS. The learning experience was all worth it.

There are still improvements to make both technical and design-wise. I still have to make a social preview generator for my blog posts during build time to avoid creating them manually. Design-wise, animations are non-existent. I'm still figuring out what micro interactions to add that doesn't make it feel intrusive or over the top.


Did a lot of optimization on my photography website.
But I still need to re-upload the portrait pages pictures in compressed format and proper size as they are way to big as of now.


I am definitely proud of my new portfolio site that took me 2 months of planning and copywriting to put together. In the process of making it, I also got to know Eleventy and Netlify, and I'm now exploring ways to improve my knowledge of these tools.



Took a couple of iterations, but I like mine. Planning on moving it to my own engine once I have some spare time.


What do you mean by “engine”?


I currently use Bludit for my website, but planning to use Saisho (my own creation).


I'm proud of mine.
Put quite some work in the design + animations for the website.
It was a nice way to learn how to work with NextJS + Vercel.
I love the speed I was able to get it up and running on their platform.


Funnily enough, yes. It's only one public-facing page, but I get warm fuzzies every time I remember it exists.


I am very proud of mine and I can only improve it by not being lazy and finishing the boring text content lol
Have a look!