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Speed Up Your Website or Lose Users

What's the Deal with Slow Websites? 🤔

In this article, we're talking about the need for performant websites. Fast loading is super important for all kinds of websites. A recent Google study found that although mobile pages are a bit faster now, some still takes around 15 seconds to fully load. Not great for keeping users interested!

How Slow Websites Affect Visitors 🕒

When websites take too long to load, people tend to leave. The study shows that more than half of mobile pages take more than five seconds to show the important stuff, leading to more people leaving the site. It's like a virtual turnoff! The study's result says there's a 123% higher chance of people leaving when a page takes 10 seconds to load.

  • 1 second: ideal
  • 2 seconds: still acceptable
  • 3 seconds: 32% more people bounce
  • 5 seconds: 90% more people bounce
  • 6 seconds: 106% more people bounce
  • 10 seconds: 123% more people bounce

Check out the charts below to see how loading time affects bounce rates.

Bounce Rate Increases with Loading Times

What Google Found Across Different Businesses 📊

Google checked a whopping 11 million mobile landing pages. The study says we should focus on making websites that work best on mobiles first, as that helps bring in more customers.

Tricks to Make Your Website Faster 🛠️

To make your website faster, you can do simple things like optimizing images and text. The study says 25% of pages can save more than 250KB just by doing this.

In a Nutshell: Fast is Good, Less is More ⚡

Remember, a fast website means happy users and more money for you. The study tells us that smaller, faster pages make people like your site more. So, if you want your website to shine, speed it up!

Reference: Think with Google

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