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Francis Adediran
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What are your pros and cons of working from home

Given the current pandemic situation, companies are now looking to allow working from home a permanent thing, some with no option to work in an office.

We've all been working from home for some time now, what benefits and disadvantages have you seen when it comes to working from home?

These are mine.


No commute - Work starts at 9.30am, i can be wake up at 9.15 and be ready.

Quiet and little distraction - It's easy to have a quiet environment now. My office is often noisy that having an earphone is essential.

Cooked meal - I've learnt to love home cooked meal. I have also learnt new recipes in this lockdown.

More time - I seem to have more time in my hand these days, i can sleep more, find time for exercise and entertainment.


Time control - I often see myself working overtime or attending late meetings. Something that rarely happens in an office situation.

Getting help - As a developer, it is easy to run into tricky coding or technical difficulty, in an office situation, it's easy to pull your teammate around, pair-program etc. Now, i often find myself staring at the chat window for minutes or hours, hoping they still like to me enough to reply.

Meetings are sometimes awkward
In an office situation, developers meetings tend to be fun. Sprint review, retrospective meeting. Sprint planning is more energetic and often entertaining. Now, it's like "sorry, i'm on mute"

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