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Francesco Ciulla
Francesco Ciulla

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Seven Tips to Start and Improve Making Videos - By an Introvertuber with 100th Videos


I am Francesco, and I’ve started making videos on the 7th of August 2020, and here we are, at the end of 2020, and today I've published my video number 100.

To celebrate this, I want to share some tips, if you want to start making videos, and also to improve, especially if you are an introverted person, and you are a non-native Speaker


I define myself as an Introvertuber.

Who is an Introvertuber? An Introvertuber is an introvert who is also a Youtuber. I have created this term because some time ago, I had a person who said to me “Oh Francesco, you are such an inspiration because you WERE and Introvert and look at you now...”

Wait a moment, I am still an introvert, and I say it proudly, because You need to put a lot of effort to do something, so once you get there, you need to keep going.

Let’s start with the tips:

1. Be honest with yourself

First of all, you should always be honest with yourself.
if you have a problem, if you are shy, if you feel the judgment of people, you need to say this to yourself, you should never lie to yourself.

You need to clean up your mind, you need to put yourself in the best condition to do something

2. Accept Failure, Embrace Mistakes

You need to be ready, to accept failure, and you should also embrace mistakes, because, when you do something, for the first time, you will fail, this is something that will happen, and you will also do a lot of mistakes.

I think I could create an entire series, about the mistakes I have done during my videos, so this could be also useful, maybe I will do something in the future! Who knows!

3. Look for help

You should not be alone, you should try to look for help, and also you can be connected with other people, who already make videos. Why? Because, they already have the knowledge, so they can help you, by sharing some tips, what do they use, the programs, the cameras, the microphones, but not only for this, also because, by being connected with them, you can have some friends, which is always nice, but also for you, it will not look so strange to make videos, so this could be really helpful for you.

4. Work Consistently

You need to work consistently, on yourself, so, for example, you need to put some selfies, online, also share some little videos with your friends, your family, you should try to do this on a daily basis, because our brain is very lazy, it doesn’t want to make new things, it doesn’t want to go to the gym, to wake up in the morning, so we need to make it used to do that.

But if you work consistently, every day, one day will you will make it, trust me.

5. Feedbacks

When you get started making videos, but also before, you need feedbacks, and this is also why you need to be connected with other people. Because feedbacks are important and I am not only talking about just the good ones, but also the bad constructive ones, and don’t get offended if you get some people who say to you “Your audio is not good”, “Your lighting is not good”, because those comments are the best ones. They are the ones who make you improve, so listen to them, because, otherwise you could make 100 videos, with the same mistakes

6. Helping others

Once you get started, from the beginning, you should start helping others, why? You can say “I am not really an expert, I am not an expert in making videos, I should not help others, I am still in the beginning phase”..NO. If you help others, by sharing your very little knowledge, the camera you have used, the programs, the microphone that you have used, you can help other people. Also, by answering questions, you start getting real knowledge about this very big world.

7. Be Yourself

This is the last one, but I think this is the most important one.

You should always be yourself, and this is not only about making videos.

There is a subtle line, between copying someone else and getting inspired. And that difference is that when you copy someone else, it will be hard to have the same success as that person. Instead, if you just get inspired by them you can do that from your point of view.

There are very few original ideas, we always copy someone else, we always copy each other. But you should focus on what really works for you. There could be something that works for another person, but it doesn’t work for you. So you need to find your way, You do this basically...doing it.

So do one video at a time, and every time, you can think about the next one, the next series, and you will see, you need to work every day, this is a journey, this is a marathon, this is not a sprint.

Thank you for reading, if you prefer the video version is available at this link:

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