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Week 7 Blog Post

Write a blog post about considerations when building a web component and considerations when building the element's API (metacognition of the exercise we engaged in)

In order to create a web component is is important to consider what parts and standards are needed. This is good practice when creating any sort of coding project. Some things that we are considering when building a webcomponent are:

  • What are the characteristics of the card?
  • What design considerations must we take into account?
  • What accessibility concerns do we potentially have?
  • What security concerns do we potentially have?
  • What "states" does this card have?
  • What do we call it?
  • What areas do we need to account for flexible content / HTML entry of any kind?
  • Do we have room for additional reusable atoms to be produced?
  • What should we call each of them?

All of these consideration could be applied to different projects (such as how we used them in our button project.)

How you are going to break it down into multiple elements

In this assignment our card will have a scaffold, banner, and icon. This will allow the card to be even more usable by the programmer. The banner and icon web components can be interchanged with different banners and icon. This allows for lots of personalization and reusability which is very important.

What do you expect to be difficult

I expect splitting up the work for this assignment to be difficult. I do not understand how each person will be able to do a different part of the card and still distribute the work equally. The person working on the scaffold will have to wait until the icon is down etc. Because I am isolating it is also difficult to understand assignment descriptions because most include slang.

What's more manageable now that you made the button

After completing the button I have a decent idea of how web components are constructed and then used as their own tag. I also understand the idea of properties and states which in the past I have found difficult.

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