098: Droidcon NYC - Kotlin, React Native, Android Security, Design Patterns and Doppl

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In this episode, Donn is at Droidcon NYC 2017. He sits down to chat with Dan Kim about Kotlin, Gabriel Peal about React Native, Scott Alexander-Bown about Android Security, Jose Alcérreca about the Android Architecture Blueprints and Kevin Galligan about the history of Droidcon NYC and his new library - Doppl.

  • 2:07 - Dan Kim (Kotlin)
  • 10:07 - Gabriel Peal (React Native)
  • 23:43 - Scott Alexander-Bown (Android Security)
  • 33:32 - Jose Alcérreca (Android Architecture Blueprints)
  • 43:09 - Kevin Galligan (Droidcon & Doppl)

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