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re: Thanks for the insight Frank. I guess what might be considered bad about code is simply that it takes time to do, with a lot of repetition to kick ...

Many people have the impression that:

  • Using GUI based tools = easy

  • Coding = hard

I strongly believe that this is a misconception. It probably stems from the fact that GUI based tools are mostly used for relatively simple tasks with a limited number of options while coding is the tool of choice for solving really complex problems.

Have you ever tried to modify a large document with lots of formattings, counters and references in MS Word or any other GUI based word processor and found that it behaves totally weirdly?

The inner workings of complex artefacts created with GUI based tools are often completely intransparent.

By the way, I am glad that I can use markdown for formatting posts on DEV instead of having to use menus and buttons.

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