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Discussion on: Is generalization killing creativity in the software industry?

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Frank Puffer • Edited

I don't think that these "powers" exist. Software development can never be economically successful without creativity. Software development means solving problems, creating new things, researching, investigating, communicating, all highly creative activities. Projects and companies that ignore this are destined to fail not only humanly and socially but also economically.

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Esteban Hernández

Maybe I've been working in Fintech for too long but there is an absolute refusal by upper management to break the status quo. The way they see it, diversity is unnecessary until it's necessary. Once a unicorn startup proves success through diversity only then can the product of that diversity be adopted. Internally, developers are discouraged from deviating from company standards. I personally feel like any attempt at improving existing functionality receives an absolute no from my supervisors. There simply is no incentive to be creative from within when other companies will do it and either succeed or fail without affecting your profitability. In most large companies, there is no space for creativity that could endanger profit margins.