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  1. BASIC: Nothing else available on my 1st computer.
  2. Pascal: Same reason.
  3. Logo: Turtle graphics and recursion were kinda fun.
  4. C: Performance. Used it at the university, later on the job.
  5. FORTRAN: There was a course at my university and I had to do some numerical math at that time.
  6. Unix Shell scripting (bash): Useful. Still use it sometimes.
  7. C++: Thought that OOP was cool. Still my main language but for other reasons.
  8. Java: Was hot at that time. Still a good choice to get the job done.
  9. Python: Less verbose than Java. Makes many things really easy. Never had a chance to use it professionally though.
  10. C++11,14,17: Huge leaps forward from old style C++.
  11. Scheme (Racket): SICP, wanted to learn something new.
  12. Javascript: Well, few people can avoid it. Actually I think it's not that bad.
  13. C#: Had to use it in a project. Nice to get things done on Windows desktop.
  14. Haskell: Thinking functional is very helpful. Still learning.
  15. Future plans: Don't know. Maybe Go or Rust.

The ones I use regularly are C++ (including 11, 14 etc.), Java, C, Javascript, C# and Bash scripting.


So which one is your favourite?


I don't have one. All of them have their advantages and drawbacks. Only the first five I listed are probably no longer useful, well, maybe C for embedded systems.

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