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How I passed AZ-204

foyzulkarim profile image Foyzul Karim ・5 min read


I recently passed AZ-204 certification. So, I think some of my suggestions/tips/guidelines may help the others who are pursuing this certificate. You can check my certificate details here 😎

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Bit about me

I am a backend developer. I mainly work on C# and JavaScript (Node), sometimes on React. So, using Azure is a natural choice for C# developers like us, at least psychologically.
I have been working in professional industry for more than a decade. In last couple of years, for different purposes, I had to explore a lot of features in Azure, some of those features were amazing. I believe, my dev profile is similar with a lot of people. I was quite confident that I can get the AZ-204 certification, but don't know how to start, where to start.

Working in a technology, and getting the certification is different. When we work, we have to concentrate on few areas to make our work done. But to get the certificate, we need to know far more about that tech. So, the right question is,

How do I know WHAT I DON'T KNOW?


If you don't know, below are the syllabus on which the exam will occur.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate – Skills

Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
Skills Measured

  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
  • Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
  • Implement Azure security (15-20%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (10-15%)
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (25-30%)

Practice Free on Azure (ya, its true 😍)

You can follow the official practice guide here Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate. In short, you just go to appropriate module (e.g. Create serverless logic with Azure Functions) and activate sandbox shown below.

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I am sorry for embedding Non-English video, but I hope you can follow through what is shown here.

My Journey (in brief)

Pluralsight (Free, ya 😎)

I started with Pluralsight's AZ-203 path (they didn't update the path for AZ-204 as of 1st August 2020). Thanks to Microsoft, you can access the whole Azure resources for free.
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Link of AZ-203

Link of AZ-203

But if you are like me, then you wouldn't have the patience to complete each of the courses. So, instead of continuing the videos, I started to test myself. I started with the RoleIQ


Below are the exams/tests I checked.

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WhizLabs (~$16)

So, after getting the good marks in Pluralsight, I become confident. I googled and found some tests from WhizLabs. I found their practice tests quality are OK, and I subscribed instantly.

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After each of the test in WhizLabs, I found my unknown areas and studied harder (Google, Pluralsight, YouTube etc.) to cover up the areas. For example, CosmosDB consistency and Integration with Service bus with Event Grid were giving me a lot of trouble. So, I focused on these two and cleared all of my confusions.

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I am sharing my result with you to give you confidence. Check the last exam, it was the same date of my actual Azure exam. 😂 If I can pass after getting these marks, then you should also be able to pass the exam without any problem.

My special suggestions

This exam is MCQ, but the questions are scenario based, and we need to fill the blanks for most of the questions.


  1. Commands and Portal
    Try to get familiarity with Azure CLI and PowerShell commands. You don't have to memorize everything, but a good understanding what is happening in the command is needed. Otherwise you will become confused. For example, if I want to host an app near Australia which will have the auto-scale feature, then what will be the Azure CLI command/commands? If you don't know the specific parameters that command needs, you would be confused among the choices.

  2. Code as much as possible
    Try to code at least a little on each of the possible topics. Some of the questions will show similar class types in MCQ. If you didn't write the code, then you will become confused easily. For example, IDatabase or IConnection which is needed to create a Azure Redis connection object? (I won't say the answer :P)

  3. CosmosDB
    Try to go deep as possible on CosmosDB, specially the consistency levels, why and how should you use those. For example, based on a scenario, you will be asked to chose the best possible consistency level you want to use. If you don't have enough clarity, the options become confusing. Coming from RDBMS domain, I was super confused regarding the consistency levels in practice tests. Remember, it it one of the biggest money maker of Azure, so you would expect some questions on this.

  4. Messaging service
    Try to get a crystal clear picture between Azure Messaging Services. Which is what, why they are used, how they are being used, in which case you choose which. More of that, how are they solving a problem when they are being used as combined. For example, integration between Event Grid, Service Bus and Azure Function is a must to know topics.

The Exam

Register for the certification exam from Pearson VUE
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Don't worry about how the exam will happened. Try a search on "Proctored exam online" to get familiarity if you are a first timer. The actual human proctors were reasonable and helped me to position myself according to the regulation. I didn't have to worry about that. Once the exam started, I focused on the exam and forgot everything else. 🙂


That's it. I will update this post if I feel something I didn't cover. Feel free to post comment or send me message if you have any confusions. Thank you for reading my post. 🙂

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mdminhazulhaque profile image
Md. Minhazul Haque

Great to see you here. Such detailed written post. Makes me wanna sit for Azure exam as well. :D

foyzulkarim profile image
Foyzul Karim Author

Devops guys shouldn't bind themselves into a single Cloud vendor. All cloud are using Linux, and you love Linux. So, no enmity with Azure. Right? 😀

mdminhazulhaque profile image
Md. Minhazul Haque

I'm thinking about it. The only thing stops me from doing Azure is the cost for certification haha.

Thread Thread
foyzulkarim profile image
Foyzul Karim Author

less than $100 = ~420RM

roydoolittle profile image

I cleared the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 by taking the practice exam tests from Passitcertify. Click Here & Success Now:

dider7 profile image
Abul Kayes

Thanks for the very informative article. Much appreciated.

zahid492 profile image
Md.Zahidur Rahman

Nice article, this post inspired me to sit on exam.

ramendas profile image

I have recently passed Azure Fundamentals. And now planning to do Developer Associate. Would it be any easier?

foyzulkarim profile image
Foyzul Karim Author

Yes. I hope so. 🙂

bijoy26 profile image
Anjum Rashid

Your approach to prepare for a certification exam is inspiring!

captainyossarian profile image

Hi, thanks for the article. If I don't know .NET, is it possible to pass exam ? I mean, are they only .NET code in their scenarios? THanks

foyzulkarim profile image
Foyzul Karim Author

I saw some JavaScript code snippets as well in the preparation. However, didn't face any JS code in my exam. My take is, if you know the class names / method names in JS, you can identify the methods in C#.

berviantoleo profile image
Bervianto Leo Pratama

Thank you for the information. I hope I can pass it.