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Remove Duplicate CSS Online Tool

Tired of your CSS files getting bloated with duplicate selectors and properties? WebUtility's Remove Duplicate CSS Online tool is here to help slim down your stylesheets. Paste in your CSS code - from a single component to your whole site - and our algorithm will analyze it for any repeated rules. It will output two results: the optimized CSS without duplicates, and the stripped-out selectors that were removed.

Try it: Remove Duplicate CSS Styles Online

Keeping code clean and efficient is important for performance and maintainability. But tracking down duplicated CSS rules by hand can be tedious. Let our online tool do the heavy lifting for you! Just a few clicks and your stylesheets will be leaner, helping pages load faster. The tool also highlights what changed from your original code, so you can review what was removed if needed.

So whether you're building a new project from scratch or need to declutter an existing site, let Remove Duplicate CSS Online be your one-stop solution for removing CSS redundancy. Paste, optimize, and get back to designing - without the hassle of bulky duplicate code weighing you down. Clean stylesheets are just a copy-paste away!

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