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Exploring Panama: A Digital Nomad's Disappointment

Panama, a country known for its rich biodiversity and vibrant culture, may not be the paradise digital nomads envision. Like I did before coming here in December 2023.

My dire sentiment comes after having seen stunning downtown dumpster beaches and the complete disregard of support for these natural wonders is disheartening.

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Let's delve into the challenges faced by digital nomads in Panama.

Beaches Neglected: A Coastal Dilemma

Panama boasts stunning Caribbean coastlines that i’ve visited, but the lack of infrastructure and support for beaches downtown leaves me in desperation.

Moreover infrastructure around affordable AirBnBs and tourist hotspots here struggle with a lack of facilities, making it challenging for digital nomads seeking a serene work environment.

The Uber-Touristic Trap

Panama's infrastructure caters to tourism but often at a high cost. Digital nomads accustomed to affordable living may find themselves disappointed by the uber-touristic approach that raises prices without offering commensurate value. The balance between attracting tourists and supporting a sustainable local economy remains elusive.

Non-Walkable Roads: A Pedestrian Predicament

Navigating Panama City as a pedestrian can be a daunting task. The poorly designed roads and lack of walkable infrastructure make it challenging for those who prefer walking or biking. Digital nomads seeking a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle may find themselves frustrated by the city's inadequate provisions for pedestrians.

Architectural Identity Crisis

Panama's architecture mirrors an identity crisis, juxtaposing the historic charm of Panama Viejo with modern skyscrapers. The fusion, rather than harmonious, feels disjointed and uninspiring. Digital nomads seeking an aesthetically pleasing and culturally rich environment may be disappointed by this lack of architectural coherence.

In conclusion, while Panama offers natural beauty and cultural diversity, digital nomads should be aware of the challenges they might face. The neglect of beaches, the high costs associated with touristic infrastructure, non-walkable roads, and an architectural identity crisis collectively contribute to the disappointment some may experience when trying to make Panama their digital nomad haven.

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