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Hello Shahroz,

I am working on a mobile app which helps people add, delete, update and search items. I use Symfony for Restful API. I assume at the beginning there won't be much queries.

I do not know if I should go with cloud hosting ? I am looking for cost effective solution. Can you advice me on this?


Hey Karthikeyan,

I've developed Apps/APIs with Symfony 3.x and 4.x. The biggest problem I faced is cache management and permissions. You must aware of the permission settings on your server because I faced the pain on shared hosting servers.

If you say there would be not many queries in start then I would recommend you DigitalOcean or Linode. I personally love DO. It provides you the complete access and developer friendly environment. I always prohibit the shared hosting for Symfony projects.

You can get these configurations on DO for just $5/mon
Memory: 1 GB
Transfers: 1 TB

For Linode $5 server:

1 CPU Core
20 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

I think in the start they both are feasible options. You can choose anyone of both. Also if you don't know how to manage your cloud server then don't worry Cloudways can do it for you. You can launch DO and Linode servers with few clicks :)


Hello Shahroz,

Thanks for your response. How much does it add to cost to use Cloudways with DO or Linode?

You need to pay the bit more with Cloudways like $10 for 1GB server but if you see the feature list it will be worth paying. You can see the complete comparison of features here: cloudways.com/en/digital-ocean-clo...

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