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The Maker Show: Making The Skull 💀

The Maker Show is series of monthly one hour show for developers hosted by Sherry List and Goran Vuksic. On each episode we highlight tools and projects from the community that can inspire new creations and inventions.

In first episode in 2021 we had Uri Shaked as a guest speaker about "Making The Skull", a mind-bending Arduino based hardware puzzle.

The Maker Show

Uri is a Maker who loves voiding warranties; Currently building AVR8js, an open-source AVR simulator in JavaScript and working on "The Skull", an ATtiny85 reverse engineering puzzle.

The Skull

Uris blog post with the details of manufacturing in China can be found here, and here's the story of making his first PCB: "Electronics with a Personal Touch, the Hard Way and the Easy Way". You can also read more about his first CTF, that he made and sold on Tindie, year before the skull, in the blogpost here.

Feel free to check out recording of the show:

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