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Web Scraping in Golang

Web scraping is a handy tool to have in a data scientist's skill set. It can be useful in a
variety of situations to gather data, such as when a website does not provide an API. We will be using this golang package It performs the same as beautifulsoup of python.
This is the webpage we are going to be scraping.

Below is a highlighted image of our desired values on the Browsers Dev tools.

Web Scraping in Golang

Here is our code

package main

import (
func main(){
fmt.Println("Enter the xkcd comic number :") //collect user input
var num int //declare an integer called"num" to store the input
fmt.Scanf("%d", &num) //Collect the user input and assign it to num
url := fmt.Sprintf("", num)//Append num to website url '' 
resp, _ := soup.Get(url)  //Call the soup fuction to extract url
doc := soup.HTMLParse(resp) //Parse extracted url to HTML encoding
title := doc.Find("div", "id", "ctitle").Text()  // parse HTML Text
fmt.Println("Title of the comic :", title) // print HTML Text
comicImg := doc.Find("div", "id", "comic").Find("img") //Parse HTML IMAGE
fmt.Println("Source of the image :", comicImg.Attrs()["src"])
fmt.Println("Underlying text of the image :", comicImg.Attrs()["title"])
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And Here is our output.
Output Image Webscraping in golang

Here is the Github Repo
Credits to Daniel Whitenack on his book Machine Learning With Go

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