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Fomonyuytar Joseph
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A Personal Roadmap as a Software Developer in 2024


Reflecting on 2023, it was a fulfilling year for me both academically and professionally. I proudly graduated from the University of Buea, Cameroon, with a bachelor's degree in software engineering, marking a significant milestone in my educational journey. Additionally, I had the privilege of completing two enriching internships that contributed to my professional growth.

As we step into 2024 together, I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Just like many others, I've crafted a roadmap for the year, aiming to maximize my professional potential. As a JavaScript/Typescript developer, my primary focus has been on Frontend development, occasionally venturing into backend tasks.

Despite these achievements, I've grappled with imposter syndrome and a lingering sense that my foundational knowledge isn't solid. This realization struck me during a collaborative project for my bachelor's degree, where I worked alongside a proficient friend on a front-end module for a record management system. Witnessing his adept understanding of programming concepts and theory made me recognize the importance of a solid foundation.

This revelation prompted a deep self-examination, revealing areas where I could enhance my skills and build a more solid foundation. I've come to appreciate the importance in mastering the basics before delving into advanced technologies. My friend's advice has become a guiding principle as I plan and focus on my goals for this year.

In essence, 2024 is not just another year for professional growth; it's an opportunity to fortify my foundation, deepen my understanding of fundamental concepts, and pave the way for more confident and informed advancements in my software development journey.

So here is an overview of my plan for this year.

  • Solidify my JavaScript Basics
  • Enhance CSS Skills
  • Learn Python and Django

So let begin to explore the plan together.

1) Solidify my JavaScript Basics

When I started programming in JavaScript in 2021, I embarked on the 100 Days of Code challenge. Unfortunately, due to school commitments, I couldn't complete the challenge. During that period, I had a school project involving the creation of an e-commerce site and app. To streamline development, I opted for React and React Native, as I was already delving into JavaScript. The rush to learn these frameworks impacted the depth of my JavaScript understanding.

To solidify my foundation, I've set a goal to learn JavaScript this year, ensuring a solid mastery without the pressures to finish fast. I believe a solid understanding of JavaScript is crucial before delving into Data Structures and Algorithms. Additionally, I expect that mastering JavaScript will ease the learning curve for any other JavaScript framework I choose to explore.

For my JavaScript learning journey, I've enrolled in "The Complete JavaScript Course" by Jonas Schmedtmann on Udemy. Having already started the course, I've found the instructor's approach to be effective. His thorough explanations have enhanced my understanding of various concepts, making the learning process enjoyable. I would highly recommend checking out this course if you're looking to strengthen your JavaScript skills.

2) Enhance CSS Skills

I've been working with CSS for a while now and have successfully built numerous projects, gaining a level of comfort with it. While I wouldn't claim to be an expert—learning in tech is never ends—I feel it's time to elevate my CSS skills. My goal for this year is to delve deeper into advanced CSS techniques, particularly in styling webpages, crafting layouts, and mastering animations.

To achieve this, I've decided to enroll in the "Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!" course by Jonas Schmedtmann. I believe that this course will provide the comprehensive and practical knowledge I need to take my CSS abilities to the next level. Here's to a year of refining my skills and creating even more visually impressive and dynamic web projects.

3) Learning Python and Django

I have always loved python and I started learning it before JavaScript the reason I stopped learning was because I had a deep interest in JavaScript and the whole frontend development that made me make the switch, but this year I really want to get back learning python again and since I am into web development and python is used in the backend .So my plan will be to learn python and then learn a python backend framework which will be Django. Having python in my skillset will be a big advantage for me as I can be able to transition into Data science or Machine Learning in future.

I will study the book "The Python Crash Course" by Eric Matthes to learn Python. For Django, I will follow some YouTube tutorials online.


In summary, I've outlined a clear roadmap for myself to learn programming languages this year. To succeed and become a better developer, I'll need dedication, consistency, and discipline. I'm ready for the journey ahead, excited about the growth and learning that awaits.

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Corners 2 Wall

For me better road map is a this

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Fomonyuytar Joseph

thank you I will check it out 😃

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Dev Geos

Nice objectives ! I use too Django.
When you finish formation about CSS, test this,
You'll like it