Solving problems vs fundementals

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Hi , so I started to solve some problems now on (codechef) and the frustrated part is that I stay with a problem for a week maybe more cs when I see some solution on stackoverflow there is a lot of fundementals that am missing so for newbie (like me hahaha) do I just keep going learning by problems or I comeback to learn fundementals
Or Both ? #discuss

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How are you using the method of learning by problems? learn fundamentals are too a part of the technique, so it's more productive to use the two combined. To illustrate this, I offer you my example of learning. When I see a problem, I start to decompose it into pseudocode to better observe what it would take to satisfy the enunciate. After this, research starts. I search for the elements of my programming language that satisfies the pseudocode blocks (I try not to rely on Stack Overflow too much). After this, I do a test to see if I am in right path. If not, back into research. It's a iterative process. During the process, I make annotations to register my findings. After the problem is solved, I revise the code and my annotations and read books to understand more deeply some details of the syntax that I used.

Whew, that's that! It is a slow process, but I gain much better understanding about what I am doing. I hope that this helped you!


Helped me a lot thnx for ur writing I'll see what can i do with these method thnx again!

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