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Fomalhaut Weisszwerg
Fomalhaut Weisszwerg

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802.11ac controller Realtek 8822BU on Linux 4.12 or later

Edimax EW-7822ULC uses Realtek 8822BU controller and it supports Linux. But the official driver support kernel up to 4.11. So I've ported to Linux-4.12, 4.13 and 4.14 on GitHub


Before building, you have to install some packages.

On Debian and Ubuntu, installing packages via apt:

$ sudo apt install dpkg-dev
$ sudo apt install build-essential libc6-dev linux-headers-`dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH`

If you prefer to use Git to retrieve source, you have to install Git:

$ sudo apt install git

Build and install

via Git

Simply clone, checkout, build and install.

$ git clone
$ cd rtl8822bu
$ make
$ sudo make install

Note, the branch "master" means "basically works" and the branch "develop" means "unstable or buggy".

via tarball

If you would rather not clone repository, you can retrieve source using curl or wget.

$ curl -LO
$ tar -xf release-for-linux-4.14.tar.gz
$ cd rtl8822bu-release-for-linux-4.14/
$ make
$ sudo make install


This driver works with wpa_supplicant by using the "nl80211" driver. On "Wicd Network Manager", set preferences like following screenshot.


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jaysonl profile image
Jayson Larose

This is awesome! I had to add my adapter's idVendor and idProduct to os_dep/linux/usb_intf.c, but other than that it works like a charm!

On that note, could I ask for you to add this definition to the CONFIG_RTL8822B section?

    {USB_DEVICE(0x2357, 0x0115), .driver_info = RTL8822B}, /* TP-Link - Archer T4U */
taikamya profile image
Dimitri Moreira

Hi there, any chance you might update this for either current LTS kernel 4.19 or current stable kernel 5.1? Thanks. Awesome work by the way.

fmtweisszwerg profile image
Fomalhaut Weisszwerg

Since 2018-05-28, support Linux-4.15 and Linux-4.16.

thesidjway profile image
Siddharth Jha

Thank you so much. This worked like a charm for me.

fmtweisszwerg profile image
Fomalhaut Weisszwerg

Update at 2017-12-18, basically works on Linux-4.14.

kabelhorst profile image
kabelhorst • Edited

that works for me for www but at this time no monitor/ap

davidcastor76 profile image
David Castor

In your first set of commands, the last option is in red. Why?