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Decisions and Policies

fmo91 profile image Fernando Martín Ortiz ・1 min read

I spent like a year and a half as a part-time manager in my previous job. When you enter into a new position, there's a natural tendency to continue using the exact same things as we have done in the past, since they worked in the past, they should still work in new position, right?

Well, it turns out they don't. Thing that brought you here won't brought you there. That's a popular saying and it's true.

However, while the skills we've developed in the past won't bring you to the next level, they can be refactored to work for your new role.

As developers, we thrive to reuse code, avoid repeating ourselves on each piece of functionality that we add. That gives the codebase we're writing a consistency on how it's structured. As developers, we encapsulate code into functions/classes/modules. So that, we can reuse the code by applying the function any number of times.

As managers, we can also reuse something. What we can reuse, are the decisions. And, like code, we can encapsulate decisions into policies.


Policies and best practices are tools for us, managers, that resemble functions in codebases. Policies bring order and consistency to our teams.

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