Discussion on: The Blitz.js Manifesto (A New Fullstack React Framework)

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Brandon 🚀 Blitz⚡️ Author

Hey! Great questions!!

It will take time to tell, but I fully expect Blitz to scale much easier and further than Rails.

1) By default we organize code by domain context (as shown in that Shopify blog post). So all your pages, queries, mutations, etc for a specific model or domain context all live together. And you can can easily reorganize these folders without any code changes.

2) You can certainly isolate domain contexts from each other with a defined public API, similar to the Shopify blog post. However we don't have this by default. But it is something we could explore adding in the future, perhaps as code scaffolding.

3) You can deploy a Blitz monolith via serverless. So each page, query, mutation, etc has it's own serverless function so everything can scale automatically and independently of each other!

The majority of your code is not tightly coupled to Blitz. Most of your code are normal react pages, and queries and mutations. Queries and mutations are plain async javascript functions, so they can be used anywhere by anything.

If a company gets really large, they will almost certainly want to use GraphQL. In this case, you would probably use less and less Blitz queries and mutations and instead use your GraphQL API in your pages. You can do this without having to move away from Blitz. A blitz app without any blitz queries and mutations is simply a glorified Next.js app that allows you to organize your code by domain context (Next.js doesn't allow you to do that)

Hopefully that helps answer your questions! :)