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I agree with the line "as long as it keeps you productive it is the best tool for you". My primary desktop at home is a Gentoo box and my work machine is Windows -- mainly because we still do some .net work that doesn't play nicely with Mono, and I'm hoping .net 5 (probably 6, considering the latest news) will fix that. But for now, my work machine is Windows because it lets me get stuff done -- even though the stuff that I do which doesn't need Windows (like the Vue/TS frontend for our site) builds and tests way faster on my older , 4-core home machine (about 7 years old: i7 3770k vs 6-core i7-8750 Windows laptop: mod) and I really prefer the entire environment I have there.


Your laptop and OS is just a tool like a hammer 🔨👍

the company I work for right now has the same problem with old .Dot stuff.

Yes in general building stuff is way faster on Linux at least from my experience.


Yeah, we have a few people using macs too, so I'm always trying to look for ways to be platform-agnostic, but also remember that our hardware and software are just tools to enable us to make stuff (:

Yeah I also have used OSX for like 2 years. :D

To be honest I would love not to care too much about the OS at all anymore. I just want it out of my way.

And for me that's Gnome Shell :D

My thoughts exactly. I'm not a fan of GNOME -- but my preferences should mean absolutely nothing on your machine (:

(I used to use GNOME 2, but I don't like the direction it went -- fortunately, on Linux, I can choose something else, so yay!)

you have so many options :D

At some point, I was using something like i3 :D

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