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Show me your Bash Functions / Aliases!

Do any of you have your favorite bash functions or aliases? I've always been a fan of quick "lightning tips" that you can show maybe on one line, and do something specific.

Here are some of mine!

## timestamp dmesg with the current date, this sudo doesnt require password
alias datemsg='date | sudo tee /dev/kmsg'

## how many ms since the epoch?
alias epocms='date +%s%3N'

## ksm is kernel same-page merging for virtual machines,
## this allows me to keep tabs on performance and metrics
alias ksm-info='~/opt/'

( ksm-info is just a one-liner ...
for ki in /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/* ; do echo -n "$ki: " ; cat $ki ; done

## normal mutt is gmail, mm == local mail
alias mm='mutt -f ~/Mail/fredr'

## python pretends to be jq sometimes
alias pj='python -m json.tool'

## run a lot of ansible playbooks ... plans == play ansible
alias plans='ansible-playbook'

### .bashrc functions

## check on kernel entropy for ssh, vpn, encryption
entropy () { cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail; }

## pipe colorfied jq to less while keeping colors
jql () { jq -C . $1 | less -R ; }
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Many other minor stuff too, like loading environment vars for Go or BC.
So what are some of yours?

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lbonanomi • Edited on

Do you use Github gists as a notebook?

gist ()
    GISTTMP=$(mktemp -d) && GISTFILE=$(basename $1) && GISTPATH=$(readlink -f $1)
    GIST_URL=$((echo curl -snk -X POST -d \'{\"files\":{\"$GISTFILE\":{\"content\":\".\"}}}\' | sh ) | awk -F'"' '/git_pull_url/ { print $4 }' | head -1 )
        cd $GISTTMP
        git clone -q $GIST_URL
        cd $(ls)
        cat $GISTPATH > $GISTFILE;
        git add $GISTFILE && git commit -q -a -m "$GISTFILE" && git push -q

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I also work with throwaway-VMs, so you may do well rm -rf-ing $GISTTMP when you're done

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Alert my terminal if someone else has logged-into the same box that I am using.

unset MAIL; export MAILCHECK=1; export MAILPATH='/var/log/wtmp?You have company'