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🌈 My Retrospective 2020

At the beginning, I was not sure to publish my retrospective.

Why? Because there are so many awesome people in the community. I didn't feel like I deserve it.

Finally, I am really proud of my year and all the awesome things that happen to me and I want to share with you my doubt and my success.

8 articles and 1 article on storyblok

I remember my first article. 😱 I didn't know if it would interest people. But article after article I just wanted to share my knowledge.

The saint Graal was when I received a message that says thank's for your article that was exactly what I was looking for πŸ¦„... What more?

Also, I have special thanks to Storyblok. I wrote an article about How to work with translated slug with Nuxt and Storyblok ?. And Storyblok came to me and offer to publish it on their website. Thanks for all their support.

Organizator at Vue Montreal

When I arrived in Montreal. I was looking to participate in Vue community and Vue Montreal community was perfect for this.

I was really proud of all our work to maintain one meetup a month Even if COVID forced us to do less online meetup.

Refactor Vue Montreal website (refactor incoming) with nuxt static generation

We moved our old website build with Vuepress to Nuxt and Storyblok.

Integrate NuxtJS ambassadors

That's probably the best thing for me this year. I worked a lot with Nuxt in all my jobs. And had the chance to meet Debbie O'brien at Vue Toronto. Since then I knew I really wanted to be more implied in the community. And one day 😎. Debbie sent me a message if I wanted to join Nuxt ambassadors. OF COURSE, I WANT! I don't exaggerate. I answered literally like this ^^.

Create a NuxtJS formation

In my jobs, I had to teach other devs what is Nuxt so I had to create a Nuxt formation. It was so cool and challenged me at the same time. It was time for me to know if I really know or not Nuxt.

Create my first official plugin nuxt-snipcart-plugin

The last thing was my first official module for Nuxt. I am really proud of this one too because it was my first official module since I am a Nuxt ambassador.


It was a long journey and everything didn't go well. I didn't write about all things that I didn't publish, didn't finish, didn't speak about. But what I know is I learned from all of this.

I hope it will inspire you. And don't forget Nuxt the world 😎.

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