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Flotiq public roadmap

We have created our public roadmap! In this article, we are going to show you what is the reason behind the launch of a public roadmap.

Flotiq public roadmap

You may have noticed that we recently updated a lot of things in Flotiq. New brand, logo, website, updated dashboard and the latest - new starters. In this article, we would like to explain why we decided to create a public Flotiq Roadmap.

Maintaining a public roadmap is full of challenges but we decided we can face them and open them to you.

The launch of the public roadmap aims to provide as much information as possible to digital agencies, freelancers, free users or clients. We wanted to share our internal feature development roadmap, but we ran into roadblocks.

Flotiq is not an open-source project but we listen carefully to our users and analyze their behaviour to fix bugs, improve UX and add new features or functionalities.

As our team planned, we have done an excellent job of rolling out most of the features on time and we understand the importance of being visible to everyone interested in our project.

Recently our team has grown up and hence the way of planning and maintaining the roadmap has changed what’s another reason why we like to share that with you transparently.

Many important launches are planned for New Flotiq and we cannot fail. Because the roadmap is visible to our users, we have greater responsibility for what is published there. We can't just change tickets from one quarter to another without explaining why.

We decided to rethink our strategy from the ground up to communicate future roadmap adjustments better. We want to develop and outline a roadmap that you can rely on as much as we do.

We also appreciate if you vote, react to our ideas or add your own.

As a reminder, here are the latest Flotiq updates:

  1. New branding
  2. Flotiq components
  3. New starters
  4. Webhooks

We are a team of open-minded people, so we welcome every opinion or suggestion. Let's grow together.

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