Which programming YouTube Channels are you following?

florinpop17 profile image Florin Pop ・1 min read

I'm working on a new cool project (Open Source 🀩) and for it I need to know: which programming YouTube Channels are you following?

I'll share more about this project after I have it live, but before I need the data! πŸ˜ƒ


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  • CoreyMS
  • freeCodeCamp
  • Life of Luba
  • Just Django
  • Wes Bos
  • Programming with Mosh
  • AWS

I’ll create a list when I gather all the resources ☺️

  • Coding Tech
  • Real Python
  • Code Parade
  • Code Bullet
  • Tensorflow
  • Google Developers

I love Ben Awad and Wes Bos channels

  • Traversy Media
  • freeCodeCamp.org
  • Wes Bos
  • The Net Ninja
  • Dev Ed
  • DarkCode
  • just django
  • Ben awad
  • Tyler McGinnis
  • Wes bos
  • academind

LiveOverflow has some great Videos aswell