The $200 Challenge

Florin Pop on September 10, 2019

Originally posted on Some of you might know, last week I created a challenge for myself together with my wife: I had to make $200 💰... [Read Full]
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That's really cool, especially because as a freelance developer I love new challenges and earning money from my skills!

We have a great fortune, we have one of the most dynamic job, we can just add some ads plugin or make little tasks to earn money.

I'd love to follow your example, often I take big jobs, to earn more money and work more time per month, but your idea sounds really good!

What should I do next? Maybe a $500 in 3 days Challenge? 😝

I think the next step you can reach is to earn 1/4 of your monthly revenue in about 4 days. The reason is pretty simple:

earn a quarter of a regular job salary but save 1 day per week, so 4 days per month, which is a great free time for your personal tasks.

For example, in Italy, you earn like 1200k ~ 1400k per month, so the challenge for me could be to earn like 350€ (without taxes, so they might be around 500 ~ 600€ with taxes) in 4 days!

I've reached (and exceeded by 25% ~ 35% more per week) this personal challenge like 1 year ago, and I challenge you to do the same!

Now I have the time to work and to learn, to focus on my personal tasks and to help my family and friends, or just chill ^

I wish this idea could inspire you, if not, I've tried :D


This is an interesting idea, I'll consider it, thank you! 😃

Nice job on completing this challenge yourself!


Awesome idea. I would love to replicate or try it out. Starting with total certainty that I would fail MISERABLY and get something like 10 likes for whatever I concoct as a money making scheme and 0 clients of course. I should really try it out though.


You shouldn't work for this kind of money. You're ruining the prices for all of us and yourself. ;) From your freelancer profile I can see see that you usually could have earned this money in - let's say - much less time.


You are right. The thing is that I was a little bit under pressure and I had to take what they offered so... 😅
But you are definitely right!


I don't think you can include things like Patreon in a "get X amount in Y time" idea, since it's generally used by people who are giving you money to get something at a later date (i.e. outside the Y days window).


Well... I haven't used it in this challenge (although I wanted to), but I don't see why not.
You basically have to sell them something (eg. today) and they'll join (today) and pay (today) - so it's within the Y days window.


I might start doing this on a weekly basis. Wait, I’m already doing this on a weekly basis!

Nice article and good job showing that it is possible to make money without a “traditional” job!

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