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This is brilliant. The direct integration into DEV is an outstanding concept. I've already added a Parler tag in my latest post!

Some constructive feedback:

  • The voice quality is very good. I hope more voices will be available in the future, but it would also be useful to have previews of each voice. :-)
  • I'm looking forward to the watch feature. More specifically, I'd love it if Parler could detect edits to our blog posts, and re-render the audio automatically. (Perhaps us a "refresh" button on Parler might be sufficient at first.) Only thing is that the link shouldn't change so that existing integrations don't break.

Great stuff!


Thank you for the great feedback! More voices are likely to come in the future and once the MVP is out you will be able to select a voice to use for automatic conversions moving forward. I have not thought about refreshing the audio after an edit has been made but it certainly could be something that gets implemented in the future.

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