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Discussion on: Consuming APIs in Angular – The Model-Adapter Pattern

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Florimond Manca Author

Refactoring is an on-going process, and this kind of slight difference between the backend and the frontend is certainly worth fixing at some point. The key point here is that you don't have to refactor right now — contrary to not using an adapter, where all your code base might break. You can just make that one-line change, the code will work and the frontend team can refactor later. 👍 That's decoupling in every sense of the word.

As for the POST request, very good point! What to do when you need to adapt data "the other way around"? Well, I think it's the same idea. You can implement the reverse operation: Model instance -> API data. I generally do it on another method on the adapter, like .encode() or .serialize(). This way, we keep the adapter as a single interface between the external and internal representation (now in both directions).

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Thank you for the reply!