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I honestly doubt that the current generation of controllers are good enough to actually make coding in VR worthwhile. I do not think that a keyboard is the best tool, just that we currently have nothing better, since it connects our thoughts - via characters that form words - to a computer.

But I think VR does have a future there, for example you can easily create the perfect work environment - you only need a comfy chair. As soon as someone makes virtual keyboards good enough for speed typing, I see a big future there - give a coder a computer und headset and they can create their own perfect work environment, as social or lonely as they want.

All the other stuff can come from that. As soon as people are actually using VR for such stuff, other applications will follow naturally, so we can see if there are good ways, for example, to visualize a program flow or if a text-based view is simply the best for the human brain. We'll see. But as long as you need to "switch" from coding to VR, there's a huge barrier. As soon as you only need to turn your head to see the 3D representation of the code, it can become actually useful.

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