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🤯 Keep Up With these 50 Articles

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This year I started a new series on LinkedIn - "Advanced Links for Frontend". Each issue has 10 links to outstanding posts / articles. This bundle contains the links from the last 5 issues (issue 21 to issue 25).

Issue 21

  1. The Dark Side of Open Source ( by Artem Zakharchenko
    Bottom line: Enthusiasm is great but it makes for a poor dinner.

  2. The Power of :has() in CSS ( by Chris DeMars
    :has is great, but knowing about forgiving lists as in :is might be even more useful.

  3. Can I email? ( by Tilt Studio
    Yes you can unless you won't.

  4. A proposal to add signals to JavaScript ( by Rob Eisenberg and Daniel Ehrenberg
    Personally, I like the addition, but I'd prefer some refinement on the proposal first.

  5. Bun 1.1 ( by Jarred Sumner
    So many great updates - now this is much closer to a v1 than 1.0 was.

  6. A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects ( by Robert Mensching
    I fully share the sentiment - maintainers need more protection and more respect.

  7. LiveView is best with Svelte ( by Anthony Accomazzo
    In general Phoenix is a great web framework that is truly underestimated.

  8. Ship Early. Find Bugs. ( by Thomas Eckert
    Or ship never - don't care about bugs.

  9. What is Dead Zone in JavaScript? ( by Joan Ayebola
    Now that we know what the dead zone is - what is friend zone in JavaScript?

  10. Mojo CSS vs. Tailwind: Choosing the best CSS framework ( by Boemo Mmopelwa
    I seem to be getting old; where's that Bootstrap everyone was talking about?

Issue 22

  1. Low effort image optimization tips ( by Lazar Nikolov
    Optiziming images is one of the cornerstones for fast websites.

  2. Nuxt: Looking forward ( by Daniel Roe and Sébastien Chopin
    Great achievements and great way forward by the Nuxt team!

  3. Blazor Basics: Working with Blazor Layouts ( by Claudio Bernasconi
    In short - most of the time they work unless they don't.

  4. Best Practices for OAuth in Mobile Apps ( by Alex Patterson
    Use the native system browser over web views.

  5. What You Need to Know about Modern CSS (Spring 2024 Edition) ( by Chris Coyier
    Anchor with nesting to query containers at view transitions.

  6. Deno 1.42: Better dependency management with JSR ( by Andy Jiang, Bartek Iwanczuk, David Sherret, Divy Srivastava, Nayeem Rahman
    From wanting no dependency management ot having your own registry - we've gone a long way!

  7. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Inlining CSS ( by Luciano Strika
    Is it really unreasonable though?

  8. Announcing Gulp v5 ( by Blaine Bublitz
    Wow Gulp is still alive! Brings back memories; not only good ones.

  9. Angular previews new features, Google aims to merge it with internal Wiz framework ( by Tim Anderson
    From the Wizard of Oz to Wiz of Angular - magic is in the air (or cloud).

  10. Part 1 – Announcing Babylon.js 7.0 ( by Jason Carter and Thomas Lucchini
    Not to confuse with Babel - this is a reminder what the web platform is capable of.

Issue 23

  1. Iconography In Design Systems: Easy Troubleshooting And Maintenance ( by Tatsiana Tarkan
    Really great article on a crucial yet underrated topic.

  2. Kuto, a reverse JS bundler ( by Sam Thorogood
    While not really for development this might be interesting for a couple of reasons.

  3. History of JS interop in Dart ( by Sigmund Cherem
    Just because you can does not mean you should.

  4. High Definition CSS Color Guide ( by Adam Argyle
    Great guide, however, while CSS colors are now superful I feel like 95% (or more) is still hex or rgb.

  5. How Waku compares to Next.js ( by Peter Ekene Eze
    In short, while Next.js tries to be a whole thing Waku is lightweight and small. React-like.

  6. A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces ( by Jeremy Scheff and contributors
    I totally love this - and I am sure that I'll soon find good use for it.

  7. Introducing Jpegli: A New JPEG Coding Library ( by Zoltan Szabadka, Martin Bruse and Jyrki Alakuijala
    Every once in a while Google sends us some new awesome lib improving image formats.

  8. Cally - Small, feature-rich calendar components ( by Nick Williams
    Why should you pick this? Because its super small, portable, and customizable.

  9. An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries ( by Ahmad Shadeed
    Container queries is the younger, yet much more powerful brother of media queries.

  10. Angular and Wiz Are Better Together ( by Jatin Ramanathan and Minko Gechev
    Wizular already has great marketing - but can it run Crysis?!

Issue 24

  1. Meet clickjacking's slicker cousin, 'gesture jacking,' aka 'cross window forgery' ( by Thomas Claburn
    Met the guy yesterday, did not like it much.

  2. HTML Streaming Over the Wire 🥳: A Deep Div ( by Aral Roca
    Superb one - and the topic is more than hot.

  3. WebAssembly Adoption: Is Slow and Steady Winning the Race? ( by Richard Gall
    Define winning in this context. Will it replace all that we know today? No. Will it be irreplaceable? Yes.

  4. You probably don't need GraphQL ( by Max Stoiber
    I think I used GraphQL in like 2 or 3 projects top - that says something.

  5. A Web Developers Guide to Hybrid Search ( by Daniel Phiri and Ajit Mistry
    I liked this one - search is such an important topic.

  6. React 19 - Part 1: The Backstory; My journey writing a framework from scratch! ( by Rafael Camargo
    Fantastic read - I recommend everyone to check out the project on GitHub.

  7. Are you ready to build a Superapp? ( by Jacklin Altman
    Sorry, I am mostly building megaapps.

  8. How to use and Tigris to deploy a Next.js app ( by Andrew Baisden
    There have been quite some steps involved in this one.

  9. Object structure in JavaScript engines ( by Roman Maksimov
    Really great read - goes into pretty much all the important details that I'm aware of.

  10. JavaScript Secrets: How to Implement Retry Logic Like a Pro ( by @officialanurag
    This was much more complete and well done than I thought - fantastic resource!

Issue 25

  1. Going beyond pixels and (r)ems in CSS - Absolute length units ( by Brecht De Ruyte
    Units are important - I just hope more people would use the metric system.

  2. TanStack Form: All-in-one Form Handling for React ( by Rufina Uche
    Personally, I only use plain forms as they seem to handle everything and are implicitly usable in all scenarios.

  3. Creating an Interactive Time-Tracking Report with React and TypeScript ( by @rodionchachura
    Explained in all detail with lots of code - I love it!

  4. Play with Signals (,output) by JSBin
    How does the Signals proposal play out? See for yourself!

  5. Creating a Multicolored Star Rating Card Component ( by @sarahokolo
    The only remaining question is "how many stars do you give this tutorial".

  6. How does useOptimistic() work internally in React? ( by JSer
    This convinced me to drop "usePessimistic" in favor of "useRealistic". One day I'll switch to "useOptimistic", I promise!

  7. Create badass, fluid and smooth transitions between your website's pages ( by Thierry Michel, Xavier Foucrier, Luigi De Rosa
    This one is really good - just the minimum API to make these transitions so good.

  8. 6 Ways to Future-Proof Your Web Design Career ( by Suzanne Scacca
    Psst... One proven way is to follow me and read these articles.

  9. How we built JSR ( by Luca Casonato
    I love JSR and I welcome all the articles about it the Deno team is putting out.

  10. Next.js 14.2 ( by Tim Neutkens and Delba de Oliveira
    Are we turbo yet? Not fully - but close.


These are all outstanding articles by masterful authors. I enjoyed reading them all - I hope you did, too.

👉 Follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or here for more to come.

🙏 Thanks to all the authors and contributors for their hard work!

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