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Scrum retrospective template

Florian Baba
Symfony lover, design pattern addict
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Date Team Participants Writer Timekeeper
2020-01-01 Team name Camille, Fred, Paul Camille Fred

Sprint review

Sprint goal

Name or description of the sprint goal


NB: Velocity = Story points done / Total presence days

Total presence days Story points planned Story points done Velocity Successful sprint goal
33 65 86 2.6 yes

Burndown chart

<-- insert burndown image -->

Sprint ROTI

Product owner Developers
4/5 4.5/5


Audience ROTI Link to the demo
3.9/5 <-- demo-link -->


Format: The boat

The boat The island The wind The anchors The reef


Special thanks to <-- a great co-worker --> for his help during this sprint.

Chosen topics & actions

Topic Actions
A topic A great action linked to this topic
Another topic A smart action

Retrospective ROTI


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