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National Identity-focused Social Platform

This is a submission for the The AWS Amplify Fullstack TypeScript Challenge

What I Built

General Overview

A social platform that connects people worldwide by celebrating different national identities and cultures. It's perfect for expatriates, global enthusiasts, and anyone interested in exploring cultural diversity. Users can share their traditions, discuss important issues, and learn about various countries in a straightforward and engaging way. This platform aims to build understanding and cooperation among its global community.

Technical Overview

This application is built on top of the starter pack environment that AWS Amplify Gen 2 docs provided. It includes all FOUR INTEGRATIONS but the UI and everything frontend is done from scratch.

Demo and Code



Main Page

Profile and Settings

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Login/Signup Page

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Link to my Github Repository: Github Link

Link to my app: Culture Application

Note: If you're trying to sign up, you will have to reload the site once you're in and log in. Once you see your email at the top right, that indicates that you are logged in. Sorry for the inconvenience. I tried.


Amazon Cognito

Used mainly for user authentication and preliminary data storage.

AWS Lambda

  • Post confirmation trigger that creates a new user to the User table in DynamoDB.


  • Main database for storing new data for connections, messaging, notifications, categories, etc.


  • Profile Picture storage


  • GraphQL and PubSub APIs to connect my application to my data and events.

IAM and IAM Identity Center

  • Roles and policies for services and more.

Feature Full

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