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It is ironical that once I'd swear about things perceived as "coding axioms" only to find them problematic under certain conditions. In the software engineering process (similar to other engineering types), established methodologies do exist. Their dominion came after they had 'consistently' generated value.

This partially stemmed from the fact that a dev is usually a mere implementor rather than part of the vision. The biggest risk he could potentially take would lose him his job, but nothing else. Nevertheless, he is simultaneously part of something bigger (either that being an IT team or a crowd of consumers). I've been told that in coding one may do whatever he wants; in life not. I think this statement is wrong as things entwine.

Are we doomed then? Is the Industrialisation the end of creativity? Nah, disruption will always be achieved for those ready to partake the extra risks hence I do agree with your stand. It's just that (fortunately or unfortunately) there is no golden rule to achieve greatness. I would personally suffer if my work did not involve creativity but there are fellows out there who when needs be can do it without any problem.

Generalising, modelling processes, even leaving something undecided, imposes a decision on its own. How do we know what to do then? Deciding on being creative or not and to what extend, needs some creativity on its own. Interdisciplinary teams as some have pointed out may be a remedy. Of that I can't be sure yet; still trying to solve it for my own case.

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