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How to Turn On Auto Clicker

If you need an auto-clicker for a legitimate reason, there are many auto-clicker software available online that you can download and use. Here are the steps to turn on one of the best and popular mouse automation software called Max Auto Clicker:

1- Download Max Auto Clicker from a trusted website and install it on your computer.

Download the Max Auto Clicker for free (Windows, Linux)

2- Launch the Max Auto Clicker.

Max Auto Clicker

3- Select the mouse button you want to automate (left, middle, or right) from the "Mouse Button" option.

4- Set the click type (Single, double, or hold) from the "Click Type" option.

5- Set the click Speed by specifying the number of milliseconds between each click. You can adjust this value based on your needs.

6- To start the auto-clicker, click on the "Start" button (or the F6 hotkey). The auto-clicker will continue to click at the specified interval until you stop it.

7- To stop it, press the F6 hotkey again.

8- If you are having trouble using Max Auto Clicker, you can click on the "Help" button located within the software. This will open up the Max Auto Clicker help documentation which contains information on how to use the software effectively.

The help documentation includes information on how to perform mouse auto clicking, how to set up hotkeys to start/stop it, and how to record a sequence of mouse clicking.

It's important to note that auto-clicking can be against the terms of service of some websites and games, and can lead to consequences like account bans or legal actions. Please make sure to use any automation software responsibly and with caution.

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