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Discussion on: Hey remote workers, how do you work remotely?

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flavio ⚡️🔥

Not a "nomad" by traditional sense, but I can work anywhere and sometimes I do take small trips around Europe, with a van. I tend to take work with me so internet access is fundamental.

Being Italian, in the EU there's no problem with internet as I can use the phone data plan with free roaming.

I am very close to Switzerland and that's a problem when I go around there because it's not part of EU (despite being in the middle of it..) and roaming is very expensive, so I bought a Swiss SIM to use for data and I pay like 2€ for 24h of unlimited data on my external 4g router.

Spent times up to 2 months going around with the van while working.

Organizing time is a huge issue for me when travelling. I tend to work very little when I'm around, just the things that I really have to do. Or work mornings and then do something else. I am flexible and basically discard anything that might cause removing this kind of freedom in time management (and of course work very hard when I'm at home to make up for the time lost when going around).

So basically, remote worker but not exactly nomad, and not feeling like I got this travelling thing under control. Or maybe I have, and simply I want to see the place I'm in when I'm travelling, otherwise if I just want to work I stay home 🙂

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Onkar Janwa

Hey @flaviocopes , I have been following your blogs for some time. Nice work. Would you be interested to share your remote work story?

Checkout how do we write remote work stories


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Marko Author

Hey flavio,

Appreciate the reply, nice to hear someone has an opinion to share about this.

Well I do definitely find your way more interesting than mine though since I don't really have a way right now :P

I wish more people replied so we could find a best solution for remote nomad working :)