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🔥💻 The Best React Component Libraries

React is all about components 💻- small bits of code that make up specific parts of your UI. Think of these components as JavaScript functions that have inputs (properties and states) and outputs (UI descriptions).

We've done the research 🔎 and found the best options for you to choose from. In this article, we'll explore each React UI framework and its features and usability, so you can pick the perfect one for your development needs.

💻Semantic UI
Semantic UI is a framework that helps you build web apps 💻. It provides a set of components for your apps, tools for defining responsive layouts, and flexible theming support. Semantic UI integrates with React using Semantic UI React, which provides component implementations in React, without requiring additional JavaScript dependencies. You can also reuse CSS stylesheets and themes from Semantic UI.

Blueprint is a React UI library created by Palantir, a big data analytics company. It contains over 40 components, optimized for complex desktop app interfaces with a lot of data. Blueprint is written in TypeScript and supports different browsers, but it's not the best choice for mobile apps 📱.

💻Headless UI
Headless UI is a collection of non-styled UI components with full access. It's a great choice if you want to create your own design, as you can implement custom styles into the components. Headless UI integrates with Tailwind CSS and currently has a small number of components, but the developers are working on expanding this.

💻Fluent UI
Fluent UI React is the open-source Microsoft UI framework powered by React, designed to create user experiences that can be easily integrated into Microsoft products. Fluent UI uses CSS in JS to create highly customizable and reliable components. It also provides a variety of React JS UI controls and other Microsoft controls.

💻Ant Design
Ant Design focuses on standardizing UI specifications and reducing duplication and production costs, so product designers can focus on the best user experience. It's used by over 185,000 users and is the world's second most popular React UI. Ant Design provides over 50 components and also recommends using other React libraries for components outside its specifications.

Grommet is a React component library with responsive and accessible mobile components. It includes layouts, types, colors, controls, inputs, visualization tools, and utilities, all developed with accessibility and responsiveness in mind. Grommet supports W3C specifications and provides powerful themes and tools for customization.

Choosing a React component library is a challenge, as there's no universal solution. We recommend evaluating your needs and development style and investigating each framework to find the best fit.

You can create React components using the Flatlogic Platform, which generates them using Material UI. You can also find modern and powerful Javascript and HTML Material Design Templates and build a robust React app using the platform. Flatlogic is also a hosting platform for your full-featured web apps.

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