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Alesia Sirotka for Flatlogic

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Participate in Starting Web App Research 2023 and get a 50% discount on all Flatlogic products!

We are reminding you to participate in our annual Starting Web App Research 2023. This study includes an extensive analysis of the tools developers use to build web apps, from no-code/low-code to traditional methodology.

Last year's study attracted a great deal of attention and feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the tools and technologies used to develop web apps today. Just 3 minutes of your time! Let's help make the web development process more efficient and innovative together. Participate and get a 50% discount on all Flatlogic products!

Please take a few minutes to complete our anonymous survey by clicking the link below👇🏻

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Sloan the DEV Moderator

Hello! DEV has a whole section for Listings - for everything from products, mentoring, jobs wanted, events, conference CFPs, and things for sale. Please use the Listings for posts like this, this is not a blog post. Thank you!