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React-contexify v6 is live!

Never heard of react-contexify before? Go check the demo

React-contexify let you add a context menu (right click) to your react app with ease.
It comes with a lot of features: prevent menu from going off screen, keyboard shortcut, keyboard navigation, custom positioning, subemnu support, super easy to customize, etc...

It can even be used to be simple dropdown 😆.
react-contexify dropdown

React-contexify is the first react library I've open sourced, it was also my sandbox when learning react. I'm super excited by this release!

New features in v6

  • Allow to disable boundaries check
  • Allow to disable preventDefault on key down
  • Add support for hidden property to Separator
  • Add visual feedback when item is clicked
  • Easy customization thanks to css variables. Check out the theme builder
  • Keyboard shortcut made easy! A keyMatcher prop has been added to the Item component.

Despite adding new features, the library size decreased from 3.4Kb to 3.1Kb 💪.

Migrating from an older version?

If you are migrating from an older version, you can follow this guide

Happy coding!

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