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Diffusion Developer Conference with IPFS Help Desk

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The Fission team is heading back to Berlin to take part in the first Diffusion Developer Conference, organized by the Outlier Ventures team around their Convergence Stack. The concept is to try and bring together different communities that might not meet and work together at protocol-specific events. They are looking for all participants committed to building privacy-protecting, peer-to-peer, decentralized technologies, to join forces to grow Web3.

Diffusion Developer Conference with IPFS Help Desk
Full info on the website at Diffusion.events

The event takes place October 19th and 20th at Factory Berlin Goerlitzer Park location – where this year's ETHBerlin Zwei was held, as well as our own RUN EVM event. Stay tuned for other Berlin events: we'd love to see you while we're in town, and are talking to the Open Source Salon crew and others about events while we're in town.

If you want to participate in coding over the weekend, sign up on Devpost – free for developers to join.

There will also be panels and workshops open to everyone on a wide range of distributed web topics if you're not going to be coding. Register for a ticket on Eventbrite to attend, use code "OVDiscount".

We'll have more to announce about new tools that we're launching at Diffusion. Stay tuned!

Diffusion Developer Conference with IPFS Help Desk
From Mozilla Hacks: Dweb: Building Cooperation and Trust into the Web with IPFS

IPFS Help Desk

Inspired by the great IPFS Help Desk at ETHBerlin, we've volunteered to help staff one at Diffusion!

So far we've got André and Vasco from Moxy Studio (thanks for the intro, Molly from Protocol Labs!) joining us to help run the help desk. If you're involved with IPFS, come join us.

If you've got questions about IPFS or want some pointers to cool tools now (or want to help run the Help Desk!), sign up for Diffusion Devpost and comment on the discussion thread we've started.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Berlin!

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