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A rather busy weekend.

I’m a developer!
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This weekend I had multiple projects that were buzzing around in my head. I learned about how the pmkam address miner for krist worked, used to rent machines for some juicy GPU power (8 1080ti machines) :0

Most recently am turning myself into a 3d model for VRChat through the help of RealityCapture and Meshroom. Don't forget our old pal blender, and the unity VRChat SDK which I haven't even conquered.

I'll do a writeup of how I did the full body scan once I get everything working properly.

Anyways, if you are looking for a sign to go out there and get shit done, even if it is mundane or fun hobby shit, this is your sign and now is your time. Go get em' tiger!

Have a great week, and tell me what you're working on in the comments below :)

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