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Kotlin vs Flutter 2022: Which One is Better?

Cross-platform development has become more popular than native. This is a quick way to the market, short time and money, and most importantly, a single code for all platforms. What about Kotlin vs. Flutter? What’s better?

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What is Kotlin?

To begin with, Kotlin is a programming language, a general-purpose language created with a pretense to complete interactivity with Java. Google has long officially supported the language for Android applications. It quickly gained popularity after the official recognition of Google and is popular nowadays.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework toolkit based on the DART programming language. This is a Google toolkit for assembling native, compiled, quite functional applications and also for websites and desktop computers. There is a fast-growing active community that supports novice developers. You can write applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Fuchsia, and ordinary websites in Flutter. All this is on a common Codebase: a single code common to everything.

Flutter vs Kotlin – How Popular are these Frameworks?

Flutter vs Kotlin are both really popular nowadays. Flutter work in Google, Square, Ebay, BMW, Alibaba, and in other companies, with equally loud names. Flutter 2, recently released, was met by a friendly approval of the community. Flutter has one of the most active communities.

Kotlin is also widely used, has an excellent reputation, and is used by many developers around the world. It is quite flexible and easy to study, so the developers master it. For example, you may find Kotlin projects for Google, Adobe, Zomato, VMware, Ing Bank, Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, Coursera, Trello, Slack, UDEMY, etc.

Detailed Comparison on Flutter and Kotlin

The difference between Kotlin and Flutter will show which technology to apply in this or that project. Here it is:

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What is better in 2022?

Flutter can be used in small, medium, and large companies. According to the sum of reviews, Flutter best showed in developing online stores, fintech, and business applications.

Flutter is the framework that is great for the developer’s time and saves costs. Flutter is very good for creating MVP (Minimum Viable Products), working prototypes, and applications quite simple but wholly efficient and can immediately attract a mass client. Prototypes are Flutter when time and money are burning.

Kotlin is supported by Jetbrains, where there are already many special products that run on Java and other things that make life easier for the programmer. Kotlin is aimed at eliminating some “narrow places” in Java. Full interchangeability with Java is the most important reason why Kotlin is popular in 2022. It can be included in a long-existing project, a cross-platform application, and even to the code for the Server-Side.

Kotlin, after all, is better when a new project for Android starts or when you need to make adjustments to the existing project quickly. Kotlin cross-platform is already very good (although it is experimental), when the large size of the resulting application and its numerous overgrown dependencies are not so important to you.


It is essential to understand that there exist no ideal frameworks and languages. Dart and Kotlin have their pros and cons. Both languages generally give decent performance, not particularly costly in terms of time and money. Flutter in 2022 is more popular than Kotlin, although it looks more decent in Android development. As for the cross-platform, both platforms give almost native applications with a single code so that you may use it for your project to the utmost. Contact us if there are questions left.

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