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Are you sure your backups work?

As hopefully everyone, I have backups of all my data. After initial setup, I usually forget about it until something breaks, and I need to restore my data. This post is just a reminder: please check if you can restore your data.

But if you want to know my setup

I settled with It has a nice graphical (and terminal) interface, support for cloud and local storage, encryption, compression and as for now: it just works.
Before that, I used:

  • Duplicati: buggy, my backups broke after few months (problem with cloud connection)
  • Restic: no compression is a dealbreaker for me, as this increases storage costs in a cloud like Backblaze B2

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Bobby Iliev

Boss: Have you tested our disaster recovery procedure?
Me: Absolutely!
... 2 days later:
Backup meme

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Phil Ashby

Thank you for the reminder πŸ˜„!

Is it time we changed the common language from 'backup' to 'recovery' eg: a Data Recovery Strategy or saying "Have you tested your data recovery recently"?