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Convert Wikipedia Articles into Mind Maps

There’s a new web app that makes use of Wikipedia’s information format to draw a symbolic structure, which allows its users to gain a deeper understanding of the article.

Abstraxo’s Auto generated mind map from Wikipedia’s article on dolphins

The Abstraxo web app have recently had a new and interesting feature released. Named “Wiki Import”, it allows users to search Wikipedia articles, select them, and let the app draw symbolic structures, known as mind maps from the articles.

During the search phase, once the user finds the relevant page (article), pressing the Load button will make the app attempt to fetch and parse the article. If successful, the article is transformed into a mind map.

Search phase

You can start using the app now, along with the new feature on

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Filip, can be used with other wikies or is this solely Wikipedia designed? Could you custom design something that uses other wikies? Thanks!