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HTML+CSS - is it worth to start?

Yuri Filatov
Hey, I am an IT Expert and IT Delivery Manager at Andersen
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If you are a beginner, you face to some problems such as Which language to choose" and so on. Then you discover (hopefully) that HTML and CSS are the easiest to "learn" (I really try to avoid this word) and the creativiest direction at the same time, cause it is built on design and its solution. But then happens this: you discover that experts say nothing good about it and moreover it is not the programming lanuage at all..

So... What to do?

HTML and CSS can be named as base or foundation for real web development. You can try your best building you first simple website using just notepad app. Nobody says it's bad, if you study HTML and CSS, if it is not the end of your self-development.


  • Easy to learn. Each tag is understandable, the structure is usual for everyone.
  • A lot of books are free available on the Internet to study or to find the meaning of each tag.
  • Creativity. That won't be boring, I promise.
  • Can be studied to check if programming is yours. If it is hard to you, then other languages will be impossible to you.

So, first of all if you try HTML and CSS forget about templates on the Internet.

The goal - to make yours. (individuality)

Helpful online apps to create your website layout

Where to make?

  • Chrome Dev Tools - F12
  • IDE: Intellij IDEA
  • IDE: Webstorm
  • Sublime Text

Start today, don't leave it until tomorrow and you will see that there is nothing hard. After HTML and CSS your direction will be PHP, JS and databases, so you can be a competitive web developer.

The question I put into the heading is for you. If you are interested to be a web developer in the future, then of course, as a beginner you have to try.

Check my website for more information

Good luck in your job!

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Pete Steven

There are great tutorials on html/css for free on youtube.

My advice is to first learn html/css and then try to use a nocode tool like Desech Studio because it will greatly boost your progress since most of the css properties are there for you to choose from and it is guaranteed to work on all browsers.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Agreed learning HTML and CSS is the first step to opening the door for web development.