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Discussion on: Have you had a positive experience with a recruiter? What made it work?

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Salli Figler

I have dealt with recruiters when trying to fill jobs in the companies I have worked for and also when I have been in the market for a new job myself. It always comes down to building a sincere and honest relationship with the recruiter.

When I get a cold call from a recruiter who has seen my resume/experience and is trying to fill a job opening with someone like me, I am always responsive and friendly and always offer to share the job description with others who might be interested. Sometimes I ask a few questions to get a dialog going between us. Even if I am not interested, I am kind and appreciative that they contacted me on the chance that they may have the right job for me in the future.

Sometimes it does seem like the jobs they have are so far off from your own experience but when that right one comes their way, they just may remember the kind person who responded and didn't shut the door in their face.