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Install ClointFusion in Windows Operating System | ClointFusion

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This post explains & guides you through the more robust way to install the open sourced RPA based python package ClointFusion.

Before going into the content, It's recommended to checkout the post Automation with Python | ClointFusion, which'll give a brief idea on ClointFusion.

Alright, enough intro 😅, let's dive into the requirements pane.

Know the requirements 📜

Well, following were the recommended requirements for the package:

  • A 64-bit Windows 10 OS installed machine 💻.
  • At least of 3 to 4GB of free space 💽.
  • Python 3.9.1.
  • VS C++ 14.0 Build Tools.
  • Anaconda Individual Distribution.(recommended for ML practitioners)
  • A Decent Internet Connection 📡.

*Note: Since this package is only compatible with Python 3.9.1, there could be some difficulties for those working on ML things which requires Python 3.8.5 or lower. Don't worry, I hold your back. In the **Install Python section, I've actually proposed a way to overcome it. You're free to use any alternative method, however, that you find useful.***

Well, with that said, let's dive into the installation then.

Before installing the python, let's install and configure the dependencies first.

Install & Configure Visual Studio Build Tools 🔨

  • Download the installer here

  • Run the installer and click on Continue

Alt Text

Hold on a moment until it get downloaded & installed.

Alt Text

  • Once it installed, you'll be welcomed with the MSBuild Tools Workloads.

Alt Text

  • Checkout the C++ Build Tools.

Alt Text

  • Make sure that the MSVC v140 - VS 2015 C++ build tools (v14.00) have been checked out & Cross check the workloads with the above picture.

  • Click on Install. Depending on you internet speed, it'll take a while to get download & install.

Alt Text

  • Reboot if required.

Once it installed, you're good to go to install Python 3.9.1

Checkout more information about VS Build Tools here

Install Python 🐍

Well, with the successful installation of MS Visual C++ 14.0 Build Tools, we are ready to install Python 3.9.1.

  • Remove older versions of Python if exists.
  • Download Python 3.9.1 here
  • Make sure that you've checked Add Python 3.9 to PATH and click Install Now
    Alt Text

  • Within few moments, python 3.9.1 will be installed in your machine.

For ML practitioners, who need to have Python 3.8.5 or lower, it's highly recommended to checkout the post Install both Anaconda & Python | Windows before installing python 3.9.1

Install ClointFusion

Well, with the successful installation of Python 3.9.1, it's time to install ClointFusion package.
Follow the instructions given below for a successful install.

  • Upgrade pip using the following command.
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
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Alt Text

  • Install the ClointFusion package using the following command.
pip install --upgrade ClointFusion
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Alt Text

  • Depending on your internet speed, this'll take some decent amount of time to install. Take a break/ Have a coffee ☕.

ClointFusion First Run/Self Test...!

With the dependencies installed, you've successfully installed ClointFusion package. Let's run the first self test. This test
runs a bunch of tests & checks whether the ClointFusion functions works fine with the current machine configuration or not.

Alright, Let's start the test.

  • Close all opened applications.
  • Open cmd and type python to open the python interpreter.
  • Enter the following command to import ClointFusion
import ClointFusion as cf
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  • Within a few moments, you'll be welcomed with a prompt as shown in the picture below.
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  • Give the necessary details and click on Start to start the self test.
    Alt Text

  • Sit back & Relax till the self test gets completed.

  • While the self test runs, many applications like excel, notepad & browser will fire up automatically. Don't get panic 😨 or contact the technical assistance.

Congratulations! 🎉,with that steps implemented you've successfully completed ClointFusion setup in your windows machine.

  • Incase any of the links aren't working, feel free to download them from the respective official website(s).
  • Checkout the Project Github Page here.
  • Test drive the inbuilt ClointFusion functions with the publicly available ClointFusion-Labs

See you in the next post!😀

Feel free to comment down any type of doubts/issues you've encountered. Would ❤️ to help!
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