Hello World!

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Hello World! A simple and classic message, yet, with a lot of personal meaning behind:

// It's the first thing I use
// when learning a new programming language
// before doing a TODO application :P
console.log('Hello world!');

/* ... */
// some times I use it
// for doing a quick debug
console.log('Hello world!'); // Why is this not working?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
/* ... */

I start this adventure, of writing this blog, with some objects that I like to share:

  1. Improve my english writing/communication skills.
  2. To write small and incremental posts that later I will condense in a free game programming book that I want to write.
  3. A way to give back to others, like others gave to me.
  4. To improve my understanding of subjects that I'm learning.
  5. And lastly to connect with others.

In future posts I will delve in more detail about things I'm learning, the book I want to write and why trying to explain to others something, can help us to learn more about it.

PS: If you see some typos, grammar errors etc, let me know on the comments!

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"Hello World" sounds like a great way to start your blog 🙂

Looking forward it~