MIME-Aware Mail-Distribution With SES

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A number of years ago, my group set up some SES-based distribution-lists to facilitate communications between our various teams. Worked decently well until recentishly. As we've broadened membership to the list(s), we've had the occasion "accept the defaults" mail-users send MIME-encoded emails to the list. Much like "back in the day" when distribution-lists took the form of listservs and majordomos, the results have been all of the list-recipients receiving BASE64 walls of gibberish rather than readable text.

Anyone else run into a similar problem? More importanly, if you did, did you figure out how to fix it …beyond yelling at offenders, "don't send rich-text to the distro"? Bout to start my Google search, but any pointers or other help would be greatly appreciated!

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