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Discussion on: 2 factor authentication for SSH

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Thomas H Jones II • Edited on

One of the thing I like about deploying on AWS: Instance Connect. Install the Instance Connect binaries on your EC2 and disable password logins. Need to SSH in? Use the AWS CLI to push a copy of your public key to your EC2's user-account, then do a key-login. Best part? The pushed-key is automatically removed after fifteen minutes. Outside of AWS, you can brew up an ephemeral-key solution with SSHD's AuthorizedKeysCommand.

Also: Duo, Okta and a few other 2FA providers make nice, easy PAM drop-ins as well. Pair the 2FA with ephemeral keys and your exposure becomes limited to flaws in the daemon itself ...which can be heavily mitigated with fail2ban.

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JJ Asghar Author

Awesome, yeah the one cloud I've never used is actually AWS.

Luckily this article is any cloud with SSH access :)