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re: Thankfully I have a cube, so nobody will steal my seat. That doesn't make my statement sound good though, now I just sound like a filthy animal!

I have an assigned cube, too, but... There's more people than seats at the one facility I work at. So, if a desk is empty (and mine is 3 of 5 days), there's the chance someone will sit in it.

To be honest, I wouldn't care, but I freaking hate coming back into the office and finding things messed with. After the third time of finding my electric sit/stand desk left in the "stand" position (and several of my desk-ornaments on the floor), I said, "fuck this noise" and disabled the actuators. Similarly, I went to the thrift store to buy a blazer to leave on the back of my chair to discourage people from "borrowing" my seat.

Shouldn't have to do that stuff, but, people don't care about being good guests.

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